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Bedsheet Buying Guide

Interiors are main part of an architecture, that needs to conceptualised properly and efficiently. Although they are not visible from outside, but people often tend to get judged by the quality and sophistication of their interiors. Today, most of the people focus on quality and aesthetic value while designing their interiors. There are professional interior designers as well that provides for some of the best-in-class standard ideas for doing interiors of your house. Read further to know more ideas that would help in designing your interiors of your dreams.

Designing interiors of your bedroom

Some of the basic and essential elements of interior designing are space, lines, form, light, colour, texture and pattern of the space. We spend most of our time in our bedroom, and if not, we sleep there, hence the space should be a ideally crafted as per your taste and essence. One of the important aspects of a room is bedsheet. It is not just any piece of cloth over a bed, but it defines your style and comfort. As per studies, an adult must have an undisturbed sleep of at least 7 hours, and if your beddings are not appropriate, this will be compromised. For those out of time and busy, there are several e-commerce websites that offer Bedsheets Online in India.  Depending on your interiors, wall paint, ambience or solely based on your choice, you can select from a wide range of bedsheets- double as well as single bedsheets online in Delhi. One of the providers of bedsheets and bed linens online is Smartfoziq, that not only provides a wide range of products but also some of the finest quality bedsheets in the market. At the official website, you can find a complete list of smart foziq bedsheets online that are affordable as well as long lasting.

Things to remember while buying bedsheets

Be it online or offline, there are certain points that must be kept in mind before purchasing a bedsheet.

  • Material- Undoubtedly the most important part to consider while buying a clothing or a bedsheet. Cotton is a pure raw material and when a bedsheet reads 100 percent cotton, it is a go setter for sure. Cotton material is soft, affordable, and at the same time it is long lasting as well
  • Thread count – This one aspect of a material or bedsheet determines its softness. A count between 300 to 500 will be considered a good number for qualifying the softness of a material
  • There are different kinds of weaves that can be used in a finished product, and the most common and preferred one among bedsheet is sateen weave
  • Always find the correct bedsheet that fits your bed properly. Keep in mind that cotton or other similar material, may shrink after a wash, so determine the dimensions of the sheet accordingly
  • Especially when purchasing online, double check the quality, pricing and their return policy. In most of the online products, there are chances of minor to major defects including colour fades, so in that case, you should be able to return it either for exchange or for money

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